At Happy Brands, we’re in the business of making happiness.

But, what does making happiness actually mean though? Something that connects us all, is that we are all in pursuit of our own version of happiness. Happiness is powerful. It changes people, culture and the environments they call home.

So, how does it impact an organisation? The reasons are quite simple and obvious really and have been proven over and over again. Happy people are more likely to be more of this stuff;

Motivated, inspired and more productive
= Operational effectiveness and efficiency

Team orientated, collaborative and creative
= Potential for evolution, innovation and growth opportunities

Live and breath the business objectives and leadership
Build strong relationships internally and externally
Advocate and promote their organisation, seeing it as part of their identity and lifestyle
= Team advocacy, stability and organic talent identification

But don’t take it from us. Check out how an international sports retailer, Decathlon, invest in and track happiness.